100 Floors Annex solution – Level 1 to 5 (all levels)

Good news for all Fans of the Escape Game „100 Floors“. A few weeks ago all hundred levels was published. If you already done all hundred levels there are now 5 new levels with the name “Annex” out.

For all, who have problems to solve the new levels we have the solution for the first five levels of the new series.


100 Floors Annex: Level 1 solution

Level 1 is quite simple. Just take your knife out of the inventory and cut the rope, which is tied around the stone.

Now on the left side of the screen a transportation system with an egg on it falls down. Here you have to be very fast to grab the egg before it hits the floor. If you catch it, just put it under the tree and level 1 is solved. If the egg crashed the floor, you have to repeat the level.


100 Floors Annex: Level 2 solution with video

Level 2 seems to be very complex, in fact the solution is simple again. To open the door you have to connect the points at the door. You have to start at the upper right corner and from there to the middle of the door. From there straight to the left and the door should open, if you still don’t know what to do, you can watch the linked YouTube video.

100 Floors Annex: Level 3 solution

Now you are in level 3. On the left and the right side of the door are different boxes. To solve the floor you need to write the right numbers in the boxes. On the left side you have to enter the numbers “5”,”0” and “2”, at the right side you have to enter the numbers “0”,”2” and ”5”.


100 Floors Annex: Level 4 solution

In front of the door of level 4 you find a drum. To solve the level you have to beat the drum at the right time. Hit the drum every time, the light on top of the door lights up. Maybe you will have to practice this a few times, but if you just concentrate on the beat it shut be very simple.


100 Floors Annex: Level 5 solution

To solve level 5 of the game you have to tip your smartphone or tablet to the front. If you are doing it right the books will fall out of the shelf. Now you can pull the shelves to the middle of the screen.

Now you have to click at the right boxes at the door, so that the right symbol appears. To see what symbols you have to enter at the door check out the linked video:

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