Simpsons Tapped Out Tips, Cheats, Friends for Android and iOS

In this article it is for tips, tricks and cheats for the app Simspsons Tapped Out go, which you can download in the iTunes app store for the iPhone and iPad and since recently also for Android. Accordingly, these tips, tricks, and cheats are interesting also for Android users.

Simpsons Tapped Out by EA

Simpsons Tapped Out by EA

The story: Homer has caused a meltdown and razed the entire city. Now it is to rebuild your task of Springfield. Not so easy, as it soon turns out, because for the house purchase you need money and Christmas well Christmas coins.

It is also your task to find, among other things the Simpsons the famous characters from the series family, but also Ned Flanders. Homer is alone at the beginning, but gradually more and more characters appear. You can then type these tasks, to earn money and experience.

Overview about this article

Simspsons Tapped Out for Android and iOS

She Simspsons Tapped Out is available as a free app for Android, iPhone and iPad available. We’ve got the links to the appropriate app store below. Google play store for Android, the app is now on more than 1 million downloads. In addition, also origin has been added so that you can add friends now too:

The Simpsons™:  Tapped Out
The Simpsons™:  Tapped Out
Price: To be announced

Simspsons Tapped Out stands as a universal app in the iTunes app store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad free to download ready. This is at least iOS 5 required. Also Simspsons Tapped Out for the iPhone 5 is optimized. Click here for the iTunes app store:

‎The Simpsons™: Tapped Out
‎The Simpsons™: Tapped Out

Here we found Simspsons Tapped Out in addition still a beautiful trailer for the, where it does not comes to the Eintieg in the app, where Homer chases the city into the air:

Simspsons Tapped Out tips and tricks for the app

Below you can find Simspsons Tapped Out numerous tips and tricks for the games app. There are now numerous updates such as the squid port, Krustyland, and much more. Tips and tricks for this can be found in the updates and events to Simspsons Tapped Out. Here a small overview of the tips and tricks in this section:

  • General tips and tricks
  • Squid port and Krustyland
  • Get free Donuts in the Simpons Springfield
  • Frequently asked questions

We are pleased also about a like me or a + 1 if you like our article. This is the biggest thanks you can make us for this work:

Beginners tips and tricks to Simspsons Tapped Out

To use not always doughnuts or insert too much cash into Simspsons Tapped Out, there are some tips and tricks for Simspsons Tapped Out, to move ahead faster or use Donuts.

  • Tip 1: do missions
    Tip 1 is to do the missions and the tasks in Simspsons Tapped Out. If a balloon about it is, you know that it’s a story that goes through several parts. You will receive in addition to the normal reward even a reward through the mission
  • Tip 2: Add friends
    The following tips are important in Simspsons Tapped Out: necessarily adds friends as neighbors. If your friends don’t play, so you can find below in the comments many people who also want friends.
  • Tip 3: keep the rating of your city in the eye
    Below left you can see a star rating. At best, this should liegem 5 stars. Why? Thus, you’ll get a bonus on your income for the residents. By this Simspsons Tapped Out tips you should easily get 5% more money per order (5% gives it 5 stars). To increase the star, click on them and you can see where lacking.
  • Tip 4: click through building and collect $ Springfield
    The building in Springfield are another important tip. They throw off Springfield dollars. Even if it is not much, it makes the amount then. Especially at the beginning should you or collect them regularly. The Brown House is ideal. Low cost is quickly back in.
  • Tip 5: residents in your city
    The more people you otherwise, the more you deserve, because Simspsons Tapped Out can do one thing each person in that and for almost all there money and experience. You’ll get people in General about the history in Simspsons Tapped Out app. of course, you can buy some against Donuts. We then recommend building and person.

App for more tips and tricks for the games you will receive the following.

Free Donuts in Simspsons Tapped Out

On the subject of Donuts in Simspsons Tapped Out, we have published an extra article which gives you again everything you need to know to do this: to the article (coming soon)!

There you’ll find plenty of information, giving you free Donuts. With these tips and tricks, we have received more than 150 Donuts into Simspsons Tapped Out. Here a small overview of what opportunities there are (these are explained in more detail in the article):

  • Tip 1: Homer 10 times tapping – Simspsons Tapped Out brings 10 free Donuts for the
  • Tip 2: leveling up and gift boxes
  • Tip 3: weekly bonus (Mr Burns gift box)
  • Tip 4: Springfield clean up

With these tips and tricks, you should get many Donuts.

Not accidentally spend Donuts

Quickly, it happened that to speed up a building or a building and decoration at Simspsons Tapped Out in buying clicks on menu. Already, your valuable savings Donuts are gone. But it doesn’t have to be!

Simpsons Tapped Out confirm donuts

Simpsons Tapped Out confirm donuts

Enters menu Simspsons Tapped Out on the building right below that. There you’ll find an “i” above right in the black box. There you’ll find the point “donuts confirm”. There, the hook should be set to “On”, so that a demand to be made, whether you really want to give out Donuts to Simspsons Tapped Out.

For more tips and tricks – frequently asked questions

Often Simspsons Tapped Out provided to the same questions. For this reason, we have an extra article frequently asked questions about Simspsons Tapped Out. There you will find a series of tips and tricks around the games app on friends, and much more.

cheats for Simspsons Tapped Out

Simpsons Tapped Out Super Secret Bonus

Simpsons Tapped Out Super Secret Bonus

UPDATE: Since some cannot read, and always speak of “Simspsons Tapped Out cheats”, we want to call time here again (described as already get free Donuts in) it. Homer just 10 times in a row click on (the task window simply leave) and then you will receive 10 Donuts and 1 statue.

Of course, the interest is very high at such social games to cheats. Finally to the faster progress Simspsons Tapped Out and all the time be bogged down. But, of course, the developer wants to make money. Who wants to come forward so more quickly, should not cheat, but to buy Donuts against Echtegld. With Donuts can accelerate things, but also special buildings / decorations to buy and redeem Donuts for game money.

As a result, there are no cheats for Simspsons Tapped Out. Should someone try this anyway, expect a lockout. We advise Simspsons Tapped Out Cheats so from that use. In the comments cheats are offered from time to time, where you should pay those. We clearly advise against. If you want to pay, then the Donuts buys you prefer directly.

Simspsons Tapped Out: problems and errors

It is no wonder that there are problems and errors at a games app like Simspsons Tapped Out with several million players worldwide. But even more annoying is when it at a itself happens.

We always have the problem, that the game from time to time breaks off or after a few seconds “Connection lost” with BART Simpsons there is. This pegelt but usually up after the first crash and must therefore be accepted. However, there are still more problems and errors, which we have described in another article. If you have problems so Simspsons Tapped Out in which or the mistake has crept, look to the following articles:

  • Help: my town is away -what can you do if the city is suddenly gone?
  • connection to server not possible / origin problems – if you no longer comes in origin or there is “Connection to server not possible” and turns the doughnut and turns
  • level lost Simspsons Tapped Out – age score to – this caused some players in November 2013 for a shock! At once one has lost several levels and the game was no longer the newest. This involved a kurzfrisitgen bug in Simspsons Tapped Out, which could be fixed relatively.

Find friends and neighbors

Note: We have an extensive article on the topic’s friends in Simspsons Tapped Out added!

As already mentioned at the tips and tricks it is important to have many friends in Simspsons Tapped Out, because here you can collect money and experience again properly. Because the buildings are getting more expensive, the more important this becomes.

It is important that you also accept the invitations of friendship. So just click on Milhouse and Bart down at Simspsons Tapped Out and then in the groin right on the news (see the origin logo top right) and there in the tab invitations also confirm the friendship invitations.

Below in the comments you can enter your nickname and you’ll find many new friends for Simspsons Tapped Out.

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