100 Squares Game: Solution for all level – Walkthrough

100 Squares Game of Touchportal Games

100 Squares Game of Touchportal Games

Here you find all solutions for 100 Squares Game, the new app with the gameplay of Game about Squares for Android, iPhone and iPad. Here you find the videos of each level of the game. We have seperated the solutions. So each article contains 10 level of 100 Squares Game.

Furthermore you find here the download links and more about the game. If you have found a bug or if you have a suggestion for improvement, so just leave a comment below the article. We want to say that 100 Squares Game is an inoffical extension to Game about Squares with new and challenging levels.

100 Squares Game: Solution for all level

Now you will find the Video walkthrough of 100 Squares Game. We created a video of each level so you can solve the level easier.

100 Squares Game Level 1 to 10 solution

The solution starts with Level 1 to 10 of 100 squares. These levels are still relatively simple and explain the gameplay. The Scores are automatically saved. In addition, you should keep level with as few steps as possible to solve, because in the next update the developer will display the stars (1 to 3) you reached in the level.

Level 11 to 20 solution

Now we continue with the 100 Squares solution of level 11 to 20. Here you have to solve some hard tasks, who are not so easy to solve. Again, the 100 squares solution as a video playlist for you:

Solution of Level 21 to 30

And finally we have here then the solutions to the level 21 to 30, where the difficulty level is also different and is thus achieved a good motivation.

Download the game now for free

The best: You can download 100 Squares Game for free on iTunes App Store and Google Play. Now we have the downlink link on Google Play

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you have to wait a little bit until Apple approve our game. We will link to the app store after 100 Squares Game is for download.

Upcoming features to the game

Until now we have integrated 30 levels to 100 Squares Game. But we plan, as the name said, 100 level who coming through updates in the next weeks.  Furthermore we plan to integrate new objects and a lot of more features, so 100 Squares Game will be one of the best Game about Squares clones on the internet.

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