Last Day On Earth: Lootme Account Name – What does it mean? What can I do?

When you log into Last Day On Earth, you are now lootme and your base has changed? What does that mean and what can you do? It looks that the problem only occurs if you upgrad to version 1.7.2 of Last Day On Earth.

Note: It looks like the problem is not active until you update to version 1.7.2. If we have any updates, we let you know!

Last Day On Earth: All about Lootme

Effects on your character and basis

In short: If your base has changed or something similar, then take a look at what your current name is: If the name is “lootme” then it means that your account is affected. This is because your account has been overridden. So you play not longer at your original save point.

When you log in to Last Day On Earth, your name will suddenly be Lootme

When you log in to Last Day On Earth, your name will suddenly be Lootme

Why am I suddenly called “lootme” in Last Day on Earth?

There are currently three theories:

  1. You once modded the game to get ahead faster (unlikely, as it also hits those who did not) OR
  2. The developer Kefir was hacked and so the account  progress has been overwritten OR
  3. The developers have built a new base and this may accidentally overwrite the account progress with Update 1.7.2 if you were not connected to Google Play or Gamecenter

We think it’s theory 2 or 3, because many players seem to be affected by lootme. The name also indicates that you should plunder this account, after all, there is a chopper and much more. With this account progress, you are usually farther than your original progress!

What’s next?

There is still no official statement from the developer. They will probably now try to close the leak and then load a backup, which will get you back to your normal account. Of course, that’s not sure, so it’s time to wait and see.

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