A food you crack open to eat (94%) Solution and answers

Here you find the 94% solution of “A food you crack open to eat” with all answers. At the App 94% (94 percent) you have to type in the solutions what other people could answered at this topic. At A food you crack open to eat you have to type in for example Nut (46%) or Egg (21%). What else are correct solutions, you find below.

Searching for all solutions at 94%? Just look at our complete solution! There you find the answers fast by typing in the topic for more than 300 levels!

Because the order of the levels is different for each gamer, here you find the solution for the topic “A food you crack open to eat” at 94%.

A food you crack open to eat: Solution at 94%

Bewlow you find all answers for the topic A food you crack open to eat for the app 94%. The solution is ordered by percent. Here are the answers:

  • Nut (46%)
  • Egg (21%)
  • Coconut (11%)
  • Crab (8%)
  • Lobster (6%)
  • Fortune cookie (2%)

Other tasks at the same level

At the same level like “A food you crack open to eat” are “Something you don’t want to see when camping ” and “Image: Test and Pencil“. Type at the topic to get the correct 94% solution.

If the answers are not correct anymore or a solution for the app 94 percent is missing, just let us know by writing a comment and tell us the right solutions! Just with your help we can present up-to-date solutions for the questions at 94%.

All about 94%

What is 94%? In 94%, a app for Android and iOS, you have to type in answers for topics and images what other people had answered when seen the topic or image. If you sum up all answers you get 94 percent, the name of the app. So 94% is a word and trivia gaming app. More than 10 million people already downloaded and played this app. So 94 percent is one of the most successful apps worldwide in this genre at Google Play and the App Store.

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