App of the Day: Google Sky Map

If your love looking into the night sky, but do never know what stars you are looking at our App of the Day Sky Map maybe is a good choice. The app isn’t just a useful app for the amateur astronomer, it’s also interesting for all people who want to learn more about the stars or simply want to know what constellation they are looking at.

The app contains a complete picture of the sky around you with all the stars and constellations on it. There is also search function, in case you are looking for a specific area of interest. If you want to know how the sky looked 1000 years ago or how it will look in a week you can try the time machine feature that is able to display any sky from any time. Via GPS the app detects your location and shows you always the correct constellation of the night sky.

You can use the app Google Sky Map in two different modes. In the automatic mode the map moves when you change the direction of you device. In manual mode you have to move the map manually. It is big fun to use this app, especially at night and also if you are looking for a specific star or constellation. The search feature allows you to look for a specific constellation like for example the Ursa Major.

The application Google Sky Map is only available for Android.

Google Sky Map for Android

Google Sky Map (free)

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