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Since today, the 9 August 2012, the App Draw Breaker for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is available at the Google Play Store and at iTunes. If you like Brick breaker games you should definitely check out our App of the Day Draw Breaker.

A few years ago this sort of games was very popular. The basic game principle is to blow up all bricks on the screen with a ball. The App Draw Breaker follow this concept but adapt it for touch devices. This works really fine and it is really an improvement to the game genre. In Draw Breaker you can paint the walls yourself, so Draw Breaker also contains a tactical component, because you have to plan where you place the walls. The walls in Draw Breaker are very important because the ball bounce back from them.

There are 16 different types of bricks in Draw Breaker, all with different characteristics. Some need more hits until they are destroyed other needs special balls to destroy them. You can activate different Power Ups for the balls, like an acid ball, a fire ball or a multiple ball. Draw Breaker is vailable for Android and iOS in 12 languages. At the moment there are 5 chapter, each with 9 levels.


If you want to download Draw Breaker you find the links at the bottom of this article.


Draw Breaker for Android

Draw Breaker at Google Play Store


Draw Breaker for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

[app 513957614]

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