App of the Day: Train Crisis HD for Android and iOS

Today we start our new series “App of the Day”. We recommend one app for Android and / or iOS daily. Our first “App of the Day” is Train Crisis HD, a game for Android and iOS. Trains Crisis HD is a good game to pass time in train or bus.

In Train Crisis HD you have to take a train to his station. At beginning you have one train and just few switchs. Later you have to manage more than one train and each train has to go to its train station which is evident from the color.

The game makes so much fun. However, the routes need to be downloaded at the beginning, which requires an Internet connection. Otherwise we can just recommend the Lite version to download, to see if you like the game. If this is the case, you can purchase the full version.

Train Crisis HD: Google Play Store (Android)

Train Crisis HD Lite (for free)

Train Crisis HD

Train Crisis HD: iTunes App Store (iPhone and iPad)

The lite version is for free, but includes less level:

[app 506673590]

[app 508356328]

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