PirateWords+: Scrabble Clone for free in the iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad



We have, like almost every day, another free app from the iTunes App Store for you. Today the app Pirate Words+ is for free in the App Store for iPad and iPhone. PirateWords is a game like the world-famous Scrabble.

Only today, and for the first time, PirateWords+ is free. This is the ad-free and more powerful version of PirateWords that can be downlaoded for free. In Pirate Words, you can play up to four opponents all over the world.

The app contains 8 dictionaries: Multiple dictionary support: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Of course, there is a Pirat dictionary included.

The difference between PirateWords and PirateWords+ is not only the freedom of advertising, but there are also other differences. In PirateWords+ are less limitations, e.g. the possibility to beat “only” 15 other pirates at the same time.

Download PirateWords for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes App Store

PirateWords+ ist die Version ohne Werbung, welche nur am heutigen 5. August 2012 kostenlos angeboten wird. Darunter haben wir noch die werbefinanzierte Version, welche man kostenlos herunterladen kann.

[app 530111602]

[app 525506779]

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