App of the Day: Angry Tiki Free for Android

Angry Tiki from Touchportal Games

Angry Tiki from Touchportal Games

Today we want to present a very new game at the Google Play Store. The name of this fantastic game is “Angry Tiki“. A few days ago the free version with 40 levels became available.

Angry Tiki is a free puzzle adventure. You navigate your charakter by simply sliding with your fingers. The character will move until it collides with an object. This is the real tricky part of the game, because you have to plan where you want to go and try not to navigate your charakter into spikes or dangerous TNT.

The free version offers you one world with 40 levels. The goal of every level is to destroy all enemies, that want to break into your holy temple. To kill the grave robbers you have to use the differnt items of the game.

There are different blocks (breakable and unbreakable), TNT-blocks, teleporters, spikes, blocks that only allow one moving direction and much more. So some levels are really hard beacause you have to plan your method before you start the level.

The developer plans many new features for the future like a global highscore and a level editor. The levels of the community than also will be integrated in the game Angry Tiki.

You can download Angry Tiki Free at the  Google Play Store :

There will be a add free version soon at the Amazon App Store geben. For the future the developer plans a premium Version that is add free and contains a second world with additional 40 levels.


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