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Unbelievable but true. A new Room Escape Game has made his way to the Google Play Store Charts. 100 Gates seems to be a dignified follower of such great games like 100 Exits or Roooms. If you don’t know 100 Gates you should have a look at the Google Play Store and download it.

Like all the other Room Escape Games 100 Gates has some really tough levels, so it is no shame if you are stuck in a level of 100 Gates. For those cases we prepared all the solutions of the available levels of 100 Gates for you and want to present them in our new solution series “100 Gates Solution and Walkthrough”. In this article you find the first ten levels of 100 Gates, for other levels check out the series box. So we hope you are enjoying this fantastic game and also our solution. If you have any questions about them post into the comment box.

For every level we also set up a screenshot for you, this should make it much easier at some levels to solve them with our solutions.

100 Gates: Level 26 Solution

The solution of level 26 is really logical once you understand the mechanism behind it.At the lower left side of teh screen you can see the right order of symbols. When you moved the symbols to the right positions  you can change their order at two points. If you found the right order the symbols will dissappear.

Because it is really difficult to explain the mechanism with words here is also a screenshot:

At the screenshot you can see that every button get a number from us. To open the gate of level 26 you have to click the buttons in this order:  1 5 5 1 1 5.

100 Gates Level 26 Lösung

100 Gates Level 26

100 Gates: Level 27 Solution

After level 26, the next level 27 is very easy. To open the door you have to turn the puzzle pieces into the right position, so that the puzzle shows a gate in the end.

If you need help you can see at our screenshot how the finished puzzle should look like.

100 Gates Level 27 Lösung

100 Gates Level 27

100 Gates: Level 28 Solution

To solve level 28 you have to be realy careful. The solution is to take the skull and the bones and put them in the pot at the lower right corner. Then you take sword and shield and put them into the left lower corner. The last step is to take the star and put  it in the upper left corner. If it doens’t work try first to move sword and shield and after this skull and bones. For this level you may need some time to practice but after some time it should work.

You can see the solution in the screenshot of level 28:

100 Gates Level 28 Lösung

100 Gates Level 28

100 Gates: Level 29 Solution

To solve level 29 of 100 Gates some knowledge about the solar system is helpful. To open the door the sun should stay in the middle, the earth has to be placed at the left side and the jupiter at the right side.

Here is the screenshot for level 29:

100 Gates Level 29 Lösung

100 Gates Level 29

100 Gates: Level 30 Solution

Level 30 of 100 Gates is so far the last level of the game.

We can see a small rectangle at wheel. We have to turn the wheel until the rectangle points at a key symbol. Now we can place the matching key at this position. We continue by turning the wheel until it points to the next key symbol and then you can place the next key. You have to continue this until all 4 keys are at the correct positions and the door will open.

Here is the helpful screenshot for level 30 of 100 Gates:

100 Gates Level 30 Lösung

100 Gates Level 30

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