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Unbelievable but true. A new Room Escape Game has made his way to the Google Play Store Charts. 100 Gates seems to be a dignified follower of such great games like 100 Exits or Roooms. If you don’t know 100 Gates you should have a look at the Google Play Store and download it.

Like all the other Room Escape Games 100 Gates has some really tough levels, so it is no shame if you are stuck in a level of 100 Gates. For those cases we prepared all the solutions of the available levels of 100 Gates for you and want to present them in our new solution series “100 Gates Solution and Walkthrough”. In this article you find the first ten levels of 100 Gates, for other levels check out the series box. So we hope you are enjoying this fantastic game and also our solution. If you have any questions about them post into the comment box.

For every level we also set up a screenshot for you, this should make it much easier at some levels to solve them with our solutions.

100 Gates: Level 21 Solution

First of the new levels is level 21. There are more than one step to solve this level. First you have to shake your device until the dragon wakes up. Now he should inflame a fire. Now you have to find the right positions of the tubes and the faucet. After you arrange all parts you can turn the red wheel and the water flows and extinct the fire.

Now take your sword out of the inventory and click some times at the monster. After a few clicks it will disappear. Now the Door of Level 21 is free and you can go on. The screenshot shows how you have to arrange the objects.

100 Gates Level 21 Lösung

100 Gates Level 21

100 Gates: Level 22 Solution

To solve level 22 you have to activate the scrolls in the right order.  In the book at left lower corner of the screen you find the searched symbols. You have to click the matching scrools to activate them. If you still don’t know witch scrolls you have to activate look at our screenshot.

100 Gates Level 22 Lösung

100 Gates Level 22 

100 Gates: Level 23 Solution

Level 23 of 100 Gates is a simple level. To solve it you have to puzzle a little bit. Every sphere has to match with the symbols at the ground. This should be very simple but we have also a screenshot for you:

100 Gates Level 23 Lösung

100 Gates Level 23

100 Gates: Level 24 Solution

Level 24 is a hard level again. At the left side you see the order in that you have to touch the skulls. So you start at the top, then the skull at the left side, the skull at the bottom and last but not least the skull at the right side. You have to rotate your tablet so that the skulls hangs correct.

100 Gates Level 24 Lösung

100 Gates Level 24 

100 Gates: Level 25 Solution

The last level for today is level 25. You have to check where the little gears are, that you control by tilting you device. Now you have to touch the roman numbers so that they turn in the right dircetion. The 12 and the 5 have to rotate clockwise, while the 3 and 9 stands still and the 7 rotates anti-clockwise. If you manage to do this the door of level 25 opens.

100 Gates Level 25 Lösung

100 Gates Level 25

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