100 Missions Level 2 Solution – Mission 2 Walkthrough



Today a new update for the Room Escape Game 100 Missions came out. The game for Android contains now 2 extensive levels. To solve the levels you have to find numerous objects, combine them and solve difficult puzzles and riddles. Unlike other Room Escape games the Levels of 100 Missions are extremely complex and you will need a lot of time to solve them completely.

So it is possible that you will be stuck at one or another time during the level. For this case we prepared the full solution for level 2 of 100 Missions. If you need help you can also ask at our comment box. For every step we made a simple list of steps and also uploaded a screenshot, that shows everything you have to do to solve the mission.


100 Missions Level 2 Solution

We subdivide the solution of 100 Missions in different steps, so that it is easier for you to follow the instructions.


Step 1: Entering the Hangar

  1. Enter the hangar
  2. Go to the right and you will see a tank and another army vehicle
  3. at the front seat of the vehicle you find a clipboard
  4. Go behind the two vehicles. On the box you will find rag and inside the vehicle a jerrycan
100 Missions Level 2 - Schritt 1 Lösung

100 Missions Level 2 – Step 1 Solution

Step 2: The Soldier

  1. Go left until you see the helicopter
  2. At the rear part of the heli you find a box
  3. Click at the box and you will get some chloroform. Connect the Chloroform with the rag
  4. Now go to the soldier and stun him with the chloroform rag
100 Missions Level 2 - Schritt 2 Lösung

100 Missions Level 2 – Step 2 Solution


Step 3: Get some weapons

  1. Take the dog take and the key from the stunned soldier
  2. The name of the soldier is Rade and he is 1stLt at the Navy
  3. Click at the rokets and then right. You find note, that reveals that the ID of the soldier is 997. Also take the AK47 and go again to the right
  4. At the left rear corner you find a box with C4 Sprengstoff, that you take with you.
100 Missions Level 2 - Schritt 3 Lösung

100 Missions Level 2 – Step 3 Solution


Step 4: The chemistry warehouse

  1. Go the chemistry warehouse (left from the rockets) and type in the code 99722472.
  2. Take the timer from the shelf and connect it with the C4.
  3. Open the cupboard in the middle and take the car keys, the light and the cigarettes.
  4. Go to the left and click at the man. Take the AK47 and click again at him. He will now give you an envelope with notes.
100 Missions Level 2 - Schritt 4 Lösung

100 Missions Level 2 – Step 4 Solution


Schritt 5 zur Lösung von Level 2 von 100 Missions

  1. Go to the car and take and get the pliers from the passenger seat.
  2. Open the engine cowling and use the plies to get a cable.
  3. Go the chemistry warehouse a put your jerrycan next to the chemicals.
  4. Now mix the following chemicals in the following order: 1. Pa, 2. SN, 3. CU, 4. W, 5. PU
100 Missions Level 2 - Schritt 5 Lösung

100 Missions Level 2 – Step 5 Solution


Schritt 6 zur Lösung von Level 2 von 100 Missions

  1. Connect the jerrycan with the C4
  2. Connect the C4 and the car with the cable
  3. Run outside the hangar and the whole thing will blow up
  4. Mission 2 completed 🙂
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