100 Doors: Level 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73 – Solution – Guide for Android

After a long time without new levels for 100 Doors, today we want to present you the new solutions of the levels  68, 69, 70, 71, 72 and 73 of 100 Doors.

100 Doors is a Room Escape Game. You have to solve different puzzles to pass the door and come to the next level. At the top you find all solutions to 100 Doors, so you can pass all levels in 100 Doors. If you still stuck at one of the earlier levels of 100 Doors, check out our whole series of 100 Doors.

Like always we made our solutions as text and as screenshot.

100 Doors: Level 68 Solution

Let’s start with the solution of level 68 of 100 Doors. This level isn’t very hard if you know the towers of hanoi. In this puzzle you have to transfer all disks from the left to the right rod. The difficulty is that only one disk may be moved at a time and that no disk may be placed on top of a smaller disk.

To explain the towers of Hanoi watch this animateg .gif from wikipedia.

Urheber: André Karwath aka Aka (Creative Commons-Lizenz)

Urheber: André Karwath aka Aka (Creative Commons-Lizenz) – Quelle: Wikipedia

The Screenshot from level 68 of 100 Doors

100 Doors Level 68 Lösung

100 Doors Level 68 Solution

100 Doors: Level 69 Solution

To solve level 69 of 100 Doors you have to enter all animal names at the door. The order isn’t important. The names of the animals are:  duck, fish, frog, bear, crab and lion.

If the entered word is correct the respective animal turns green.  Here we have the solution screenshot for level 69 of 100 Doors:

100 Doors Level 69 Lösung

100 Doors Level 69 Solution

100 Doors: Level 70 Solution

Let’s try level 70 of 100 Doors. In this level you have to arrange the arrows. Every arrow has to point in the direction of the digit one in the same color.

So the solution is: red arrow up, yellow arrow left, green arrow right and blue arrow down, like you can see it at our screenshot:

100 Doors Level 70 Lösung

100 Doors Level 70 Solution

100 Doors: Level 71 Solution

In level 71 you have to count the keys. There are 4 red keys, 0 yellow keys, 5 green keys and 3 blue keys. At the door the color and the number is displayes, while the number raises with every second. You have to click at the door, whenever the number at the door match with the number of keys in this color.

For example in this screenshot we have to click the door, because there are four red keys in the room.

100 Doors Level 71 Lösung

100 Doors Level 71 Solution

100 Doors: Level 72 Solution

In level 72 of 100 Doors, we have to transfer the degrees on top of the door into the numbers at the clock. For example 90 degrees means 3, or 180 degrees means 6. So the complet key is: 3-9-5-8-2-6.
Also for this level of 100 Doors we made a screenshot:

100 Doors Level 72 Lösung

100 Doors Level 72 Solution

100 Doors: Level 73 Solution

This is for the moment the last level of 100 Doors. But that doesn’t mean that it is very hard. To open the door we just have to clean it.

Click at the 5 points, marked at the screeshot and the door opens.

100 Doors Level 73 Lösung

100 Doors Level 73 Solution

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