100 Doors: Level 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67 – Solution – Guide for Android

After a long time without new levels for 100 Doors, today we want to present you the new solutions of the levels 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67 of 100 Doors.

100 Doors is a Room Escape Game. You have to solve different puzzles to pass the door and come to the next level. At the top you find all solutions to 100 Doors, so you can pass all levels in 100 Doors. If you still stuck at one of the earlier levels of 100 Doors, check out our whole series of 100 Doors.

Like always we made our solutions as text and as screenshot.

100 Doors: Level 61 Solution

To open door 61 of 100 Doors you have to activate all fields of the chess field with you knight. There are more than one right solution, but we want to present you just one of them. In our screenshot every field has a number, so if you jump in the order we mentioned you will activate all fields and the door opens:

Our order is:  1 – 7 – 16 – 10 – 8 – 2 – 9 – 15 – 6 – 4 – 11 – 5 – 3 – 12 – 14 – 7 – 1 – 7 – 16 – 10 – 3 – 12 – 6 – 13 – 6 – 12 – 3 – 10 – 16.

Maybe there are shorter solutions, but all in all it doesn’t matter, as long as the door opens. For a better visual understanding we made a screenshot for you:

100 Doors Level 61 Lösung

100 Doors Level 61 

100 Doors: Level 62 Solution

Level 62 of 100 Doors isn’t that hard. We see a clock and a picture of the moon. The clock shows the time 12:30 but beacause it is night (the moon), it has to be 00:30. And this is it, just enter 0030 and the door opens.

If you need help here is our screenshot again:

100 Doors Level 62

100 Doors Level 62

100 Doors: Level 63 Solution

In level 63 of 100 Doors you have to activate all fiels, similar to level 61 of 100 Doors. In this level there is an optimal solution if you press:  -2, +3, -2, +3, -2, +3 in this order, all fiels are activated and the door opens.

100 Doors Level 63

100 Doors Level 63

100 Doors: Level 64 Solution

Level 64 should be doable for the most players of 100 Doors. On top of the door we can read “it’s what you need”. What we need to open this door is a KEY, so we enter the word “Key” at the door and it will open for us.

The screenshot shows you how the solved level should look like.

100 Doors Level 64

100 Doors Level 64

100 Doors: Level 65 Solution

Level 65 of 100 Rooms is again a well made level. First step is to take the balloon from the left side. Now we place the balloon at the end of the hose, like you can see it at our screenshot. Now use the air pump two times and the balloon will fly to the ceiling and activate the green button, that opens the door.

At the screenshot you can see how it’s done.

100 Doors Level 65 Lösung

100 Doors Level 65

100 Doors: Level 66 Solution

Let’s go on with level 66 of 100 Doors. On top of the door we can see the order, in that we have to raise the shakers. Just click at the shakers in the order shown above the door. If you done everything right all shakers shouls be up. Now double click a the third shaker and the door opens.

Check out our screenshot if you need help with this level:

100 Doors Level 66 Lösung

100 Doors Level 66 

100 Doors: Level 67 Solution

Level 67 is the last level of this solution part. First step of the solution of this level is to take the bucket with water. You can see it in your inventory if everything worked fine. Now click at the pipe system at the door. The sphere will now swim to the top. Turn your device to the right, so that the sphere swims to the right side of the screen. Last step is to use the empty bucket to remove the water from the system. The door opens now and you can go on.


100 Doors Level 67 Lösung

100 Doors Level 67


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