100 Doors: Level 51, 52 and 53 Solution – Guide and Walkthrough for Android

The developer of 100 Doors developed a new game, 100 Rooms (see solution here), but he also updatet 100 Doors. This update contains 3 new level and a link to 100 Rooms.

100 Doors is a Room Escape Game. You have to solve diffrent puzzles to pass the door. At the top you find all solutions to 100 Doors, so you can pass all levels in 100 Doors.

100 Doors: Level 51 Solution (Door 51)

The new update brings many new levels with it. The first new level is Level 51. This is relatively easy and should be no problem. Nevertheless, we have has a solution for level 51.

Above the door you find a code which is read from right to left. Now you can see three sets of numbers: 12, then 231 and finally 123. The solution of level 51 of 100 Doors is the following: First, it expresses (as seen from the arrow out) the first two buttons right next to the door. Now press the red button. After that button 2, then 3, then 1 and press the red button again.

And finally click on the buttons 1, 2, 3 (in this correct order) and even the green arrow to the left. Here again we have the screenshots of Level 51. Left you see the first step and right the last step:

100 Doors: Level 52 Solution (Door 52)

Level 52 of 100 Doors is more difficult and stuck many users. Above the door you can see five different colors: red, green, yellow, brown and white. On the door you can see pictures of fruits and arrows.

Now you must click on the various pictures in the correct order. Click on the images in the following order: Fire, banana, banana, coconut and coconut. But why? The arrows shows see image you have to click on. First color is red (fire). A banana can be green and yellow. The coconut is brown (outside) and white (inside).

We have a screenshot for level 52 of 100. There you can see the order in which you must click on the pictures:

100 Doors: Level 53 Solution (Door 53)

Level 53 also looks very interesting and so far we know of no comparable task as they were seen in 100 Doors. Mny players stuck at this level. The solution of level 53 is not difficult if you know what you have to do.

In level 53 of 100 Doors you have to push the flags in the correct direction. This must be changed except for the two flags at the bottom. We have a picture as solution for level 53 of 100 Doors because it is difficult to describe:

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