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100 Rooms solution – level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – Android

We waited a long time for this fantastic game and now it is finally out. But like the most Room Escape games “100 Rooms” has some really hard levels. So if you are stuck and looking for help, you are right at this side. We present you the solution of the first 7 levels of this game. If you have questions just write them in the comment box.

How to combine two elements in 100 Rooms?

You have to combine a lot of things in 100 Rooms and many people don’t knwo how to do this. So want to say at first how to combine elements in 100 Rooms.

At first zoom the first item (2 clicks) and then select the other item (1 click) and click on the zoomed image. Now the both elements are combined.

100 Rooms: Level 1 Solution

Alright, you already stuck in the first level, so here we go. First look to the right (click the right arrow). You are seeing now a window with a flowerpot. Click on it and you will find a lock.

Turn again to the right. You are seeing now a desk. Click at the drawer down right. The game will now zoom in. Now you can click at the second drawer. In the drawer you find a second lock, that you also take with you.
The last step is to combine both locks. Do a double click at one lock and connect both locks. Now you can put the combined lock into the door and go on.


100 Rooms: Level 2 Solution

In this level first turn to the left. You will see a shelf with a vase on it. Click at the vase and you will get the first element.

Now look in the direction of the window and take the second part. You can combine both parts just like the looks in level 1. The third part is located in the shelf, second board from down right. Combine this part with the saw and you are able to open the door.


100 Rooms: Level 3 Solution

For level 3 you need a secret code to open the door. To find out what numbers you have to enter read the following instructions. First turn to the left and look at the bin. In the bin you will find a long pack. Take it with you and turn to the window, where you take the knife. Double click at the package. Then click at the knife and use it to open package. You will get a neon tube.

Now turn in the direction of the chair. Pull the chair to the middle of the screen. Now you can put the neon tube in the lamp.

It turns out that the neon pipe is a UV-lamp, that reveals the code.The code is: 783461. Enter this code and you can go to the next room.


100 Rooms: Level 4 Solution

If you stuck at level 4, look at the door. Upon it you find an axe. Take it and turn to the right. There you can break the wood.

Next step: look at the window and take the cable. You will need it to fix the boiler. Now you can release the warm water and a new code appears.

The code is: 514796. Enter it at the safe and you will find the key you need to open the door. That’s it, level 4 solved.


100 Rooms: Level 5 Solution

Look around the room and you will see a painting with the number 2045 in different colors. Turn to the right and open the closes window. You are seeing now different colored rubber ducks. You have to shot them as often as the number at the picture say it. That means you have to shot the yellow one two times, the green one 4 times and the red one 5 times. But don’t shot the white one.

If you doing it right you will get a hammer as reward. Go back to painting and use the new hammer to break it. You will get a code with a “N” and arrows. Go to the door, with the “N” on top of it. Now enter the arrows in the right direction: left, right, right, right, left, left and the door opens.


100 Rooms: Level 6 Solution

Ok next level, this is a really hard one, so it is not surprising if you are stuck at this one. First we look at the book shelf and click at the book at the left on the middle board. In the book you find the code for the chest in the room. Every number has a specific sign.

Left from the door you see some planks. There the code is hiding. Together with the book you will be able to open the chest. In the chest you find a teddy. Now go to right, where you find a bucket. Take it with you. With the bucket you go back, and use it to pull up a key.

Now you have to go to the painting. Put the teddy at the picture with the armchair. Now you can enter the first key and you will get a second key that opens the door.

100 Rooms: Level 7 Solution

Level 7 is also very difficult. Turn to the left and click at the left book shelf. Now you can click at the book at the top board. The book contains a sequence of objects.

It starts with the chair which stands for the nine and similar for the other objects. If you enter the right combination of numbers at the safe it will open. The code is 981471. Now you get a bind rail. Left to the window you find a wire. Now combine wire and bind rail and go to the Mail Box 7. Use the wire and you get the key to open the door.

A lot of people asked why the chair is the 9. We made a screenshot where you see the IX (9):

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