100 Rooms – level 16 , 17, 18 Solution – Android

It’s 100 Rooms Time my friends. The developer Gipnetix games is very active at the moment and updates his game every few days. So happened today. The new levels are very challenging and we are trying to present the solutions as soon as possible. Unlike the most other Room-Escape-Games 100 Doors is much more complex. You are in a sort of 3D-Room, which means that you can look in all directions. You can find objects and hints in all corners and places of the rooms.

Like the most Room Escape games “100 Rooms” has some really hard levels. Especially the new levels are really hard, after the developer noticed that the first levels were relatively simple. So if you are stuck and looking for help, you are right at this side. We present you the solution of the levels 16, 17 and 18 of 100 Rooms.

If you have questions just write them in the comment box. If you are stuck at the first 12 levels of the game check our previous article of this series. If you are looking for the solutions of the last 3 levels of 100 Rooms check out this article: http://alltheapps.net/?p=502.

If you are looking for older levels check out our series to 100 Rooms linked in the box at the top.



100 Rooms: Level 16 Solution

There is a combination lock located at the door of level 16. We have to find the combination somewhere in the room. In room 16 we can find an angle meter, a micronometer, a normal watch and a paper with a draft on it. Every hint contains numbers, that allows us to open the door.

To open the door zoom in the combination lock. First turn right until 50, then right until 40, left until 60 and then again to the right until 40. So the complete sequence is: left 50, right 40, left 60, right 40.
All hints you can see at our screenshot. If the door doesn’t open try to stop at number 10 every time you pass it. But normally that shouldn’t be a problem.




100 Rooms: Level 17 Solution

In room 16 of 100 Rooms we have certain pictures at the walls and a door with different symbols. To open the door we have to click the symbols in the right order. The pictures at the walls show us the right order. For example the picture of the beach stands for the sun symbol at the door.
The right order of symbols is: baseball, bone, stone, sun and snowflake. Now the door of level 17 opens and the level is solved. You can see the pictures of level 17 and the right order of symbols.





100 Rooms: Level 18 Solution

To know the zodiac sign seems to be a good background to solve levels of Room Escape games. Also level 18 of 100 Rooms require a solid knowledge of the zodiac. First we check out the draft at the book shelf. We can see 5 zodiac signs on it, which are: the archer, the bull, the fish, the crab and because of the water the water-carrier. Now we can look at the clock, where every sign is corresponding with a number. So is the archer = 1, the bull = 8, water-carrier =11, the fish = 10 and the crab =6. This is the code for the safe. If you enter 1811106 at the safe of level 18 the safe opens you get a note.
With this note you will be able to open the door. On the note are not hieroglyphs, it shows in fact the borders of the numbers you have to press. The screenshot shows you in which order you have to press the numbers. If you are doing it right the door of level 18 opens.



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