App of the Day: Ceramic Destroyer

Ceramic Destroyer is one of the older apps at the Goole Playstore, with many downloads. Lately after a new Update the game gained new popularity and is our App of the Day. Unfortunately there isn’t a iOS version of the funny game, so only Android users can enjoy it.



The game starts with some easy levels to explain the game mechanism. The goal of the game is to destroy different ceramic figures with various bombs. The right use of the bombs is the challenging part of the game. To master all levels you have to know the different bombs very well and know how to use the. There are for example bombs that split up in air or bombs that can dump smaller bombs over the figures like a helicopter.

To pass a level you need to destroy at least 90 percent of the ceramic figure. But if you want all 3 stars you have to get the full 100 percent. For achieving at least 95 percent you will get 2 stars. You can collect new bombs if you let explode your bombs at specific points. Also you can chose between the actual bomb and the next bomb, which to use first. This can be important if you need a special bomb to get new bombs.

For a free game Ceramic destroyer is very comprehensive. There are more than 100 levels, so you will need some time to solve them all. Definitely a must have app.

Ceramic Destroyer for Android

You can download Ceramic Destroyer HERE  for free at the Google Play Store.


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