100 Rooms – level 19 , 20, 21 Solution – Android

This is the second part of the solution of the new levels of 100 Rooms. The developer Gipnetix games is very active at the moment and updates his game every few days. The new levels are very challenging and we are trying to present the solutions as soon as possible. Unlike the most other Room-Escape-Games 100 Doors is much more complex. You are in a sort of 3D-Room, which means that you can look in all directions. You can find objects and hints in all corners and places of the rooms.

Like the most Room Escape games “100 Rooms” has some really hard levels. Especially the new levels are really hard, after the developer noticed that the first levels were relatively simple. So if you are stuck and looking for help, you are right at this side. We present you the solution of the levels 19, 20 and 21 of 100 Rooms.

If you have questions just write them in the comment box. If you are stuck at the first 12 levels of the game check our previous article of this series. If you are looking for the solutions of the last 3 levels of 100 Rooms check out this article: http://alltheapps.net/?p=536

If you are looking for older levels check out our series to 100 Rooms linked in the box at the top.


100 Rooms: Level 19 Solution

Now we are in level 19 of 100 Rooms. If you are looking at the door you see the 6 different animals. The solution if level 19 is to click the animals in the right order. To find this order we have to look around the room and find the hints. At the ceiling we can see the Antarctica, at the door we see a part of South America and at the ground we can see the shape of Africa.
If we turn to the right we see a map of North America, another 90 degrees to the right we see a globe where Australia is marked. Lust but not least we see a map of Europe and Asia. Now we have to click the animals in the order of the continents where they live.

So the solution of level 19 of 100 Rooms is: bison, rhino, kangaroo, panda, penguin and snake.




100 Rooms: Level 20 Solution

Let‘s puzzle. Everyone who likes puzzles will love level 20 of 100 Rooms. If we look at the opposite wall we can see a puzzle. But the parts seem to be for an unknown reason to be mirror inverted. First step is to take all 16 parts of the puzzle. Now you can mirror all 16 parts by clicking at it and than at the mirror. You have to do this for all 16 parts so this might take a while. After all parts are mirrored you can reassemble the puzzle. If you need help doing this we have some screenshots for you where you can see how the puzzle has to look like.




100 Rooms: Level 21 Solution

The solution of level 21 is again a simple combination of objects. To solve level 21 of 100 Rooms you have to find 7 hidden objects and combine them.

At the first screenshot you can see the locations of all seven objects. At the windowsill you find a sphere, right from the door you find a wire and in the kitchen you can find a knive a piece of metal a powder and in drawer a tube and matches.


100-rooms-level-21 step-1

Now you have to connect the objects. First combine the tube and the knife and afterwards combine it with the piece of metal. Now combine it with the wire and then with the matches. Now the object is ready to use.


100-rooms-level-21 step-2

Now combine the matches and the knife and you will get a red powder. Combine the white and the red powder and connect it with our assembled object, Now click with the object at the door and it will open.



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