100 Rooms – level 13, 14, 15 Solution – Android

Only a few days afer the last levels of 100 Rooms came out, now there are new levels available at the Google Play Store. Unlike the most other Room-Escape-Games 100 Doors is much more complex. You are in a sort of 3D-Room, which means that you can look in all directions. You can find objects and hints in all corners and places of the rooms. Like the most Room Escape games “100 Rooms” has some really hard levels. Espacially the new levels are really hard, after the developer noticed that the first levels was relatively simple. So if you are stuck and looking for help, you are right at this side. We present you the solution of the next levels of 100 Rooms. If you have questions just write them in the comment box. If you are stuck at the first 12 levels of the game check our previous article of this series. If you are looking for the solutions of the new levels of 100 Doors check out this article: 100 Doors: Level 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60 Solution – Guide and Walkthrough for Android.


How to combine two elements in 100 Rooms?

You have to combine a lot of things in 100 Rooms and many people don’t knwo how to do this. So want to say at first how to combine elements in 100 Rooms.

At first zoom the first item (2 clicks) and then select the other item (1 click) and click on the zoomed image. Now the both elements are combined.


100 Rooms: Level 13 Solution

Level 13 is the first very hard level of the new levels of 100 Rooms. You have to click the images in the order shown around the door. So that means you have to go around the room in an eight shape and click the colors of the paintings as shown on the door.

On the Screenshot we show you the solution of level 13, the paintings have numbers which is the correct order:


100-rooms-level-13-step 1


100-rooms-level-13-step 2

100 Rooms: Level 14 Solution

Level 14 is a little bit easier than the previous level of 100 Rooms. In level 14 we have to do some maths. At the door we find the equation Y[]Y[]Y[]Y=A*B. A is the numbers of Bananas in the room which is 25 (you can see it on our screenshot) B is the number of apple, which is 4. So the solution of the equation is 25*4=100. We now have to find out the Y. Y is the number of spice boxes next to the Y sign, so it is nine. To solve the equation we now have to find the matching arithmetic operators.

The solved equation of level 14 of rooms is: 9 9+9/9=100.

That means you have to press: 9, “blank key” (left from enter) 9 + 9/9. Now press enter and the door opens and you can go the next room of 100 rooms.



100 Rooms: Level 15 Solution

Level 15 is also absolutely solvable. Under the window and at the wall around the door we see the color white grey and black. That means you have to count the number of white and black objects in level 15 of 100 rooms. There are 22 white objects and 16 black objects at the tables (don’t forget to count the small statues next to the tables. Because grey is mixed out of white and black the number of “grey” objects in level 15 is 16+22=38. Now we have to enter this numbers in the order of the colors around the door. The code that opens the door is: “223816”.



We hope our solution was helpful and you enjoyed the game. We would be happy if you come back to our side next friday, when the new levels of 100 Rooms come out.

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