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100 Doors: Level 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60 Solution – Guide and Walkthrough for Android

Today a new update with new levels for the addicting game 100 Doors came out.  This update contains  new difficult  levels. Because there are always some very hard levels we present you the new solutions, in case you are stuck at a level.

100 Doors is a Room Escape Game. You have to solve diffrent puzzles to pass the door and come to the next level. At the top you find all solutions to 100 Doors, so you can pass all levels in 100 Doors. If you still stuck at one of the earlier levels of 100 Doors, check out our whole series of 100 Doors.


100 Doors: Level 54 Solution

A few minutes after the new levels came out the first users we stuck at level 54. Because level 54 drove crazy so many people we like to present you the solution. Also our team nearly despaired by trying to solve this level. We are not sure why this is the solution but it should work. The following screenshot shows you have to adjust the stars. With this adjustment the door of level 54 from 100 Doors should open.


100 Doors: Level 55 Solution

After the first brain teaser of the new levels, here we have another not so simple but at least logical level. The only information we get are the pictures of some animals and the word “FEAR”. So solve level 55 we have to click the animals in the right direction. That means for example we have to click mouse and then cat because the mouse fears the cat.
The actual solution is the following order: „ cat, dog, snake, bird, elephant, and mouse”. If you click them in this order the door of level 55 opens and you can go on. In our Screenshot you also see the right order represented by numbers.




100 Doors: Level 56 Solution

After two hard levels of 100 Doors, here we have a simple on again. Upon the door you can see 9 lamps, that are dark. To turn on the lights you have to put the plug into the outlet. But don’t use all outlets you just have to active the outer outlets turn on all 9 lights. If you don’t know what you should do look at our screenshot of level 56.




100 Doors: Level 57 Solution

At the edges of the screen we can see 4 buttons that are half way out of the screen. We can slide them in by clicking at them. Once they are in the can be used as regular buttons. The arrows upon the door shows us in which order we have to click them.
So the solution of level 57 of 100 Doors is to click the 4 Buttons in this order: 5397. Again we also have a screenshot for a better understanding.




100 Doors: Level 58 Solution

This is really simple, and we wonder a little bit why a level that is so late in the game is so easy. But nevertheless, maybe some people will stuck at level 58 of 100 Dooms. So here is the solution. We see a burning door and next to it a bucket and a fire hydrant. So first click at the bucket, then at the hydrant and you get a bucket full of water. With this we can easily extinguish the fire and go trough the door of level 58. For the sake of completeness here is also a screenshot of the level.




100 Doors: Level 59 Solution

Level 59 of 100 Doors is again a really tricky level and it is absolutely right that this one of the higher level of the game. So what we have to do? First step is to click at the first row of objects. The will slide to the middle and stay there. The same thing we do with the objects of the second row. Now these objects stay exactly where they are, don’t touch them again.
The last step just has to do, with the third row of objets, you have to click them 6 times, so that the are going in and out 3 times. At the end of this procedure the door of level 59 opens and you come to the actual last level of the game. Again we also have made a screenshot for level 59, what is might be helpful.




100 Doors: Level 60 Solution

This is a nice hard level for the end of this bunch of levels. The tricky thing is that we don’t have just one door we have 6 Doors, everyone of them with another object or number on them. What we have to do is to count the number of objects at the doors. Numbers counts as symbols and crossed out symbols doesn’t count. So we click through the doors and note the number of objects of all 6 Doors. By doing that be get a code, that is “132211”. Now enter this code into the final door and voila it opens. For the sake of completeness again here is also a screenshot.



We hope our solution was helpful and you enjoyed the game. We would be happy if you come back to our side next week, when the new levels of 100 Doors come out.

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