100 Doors Solution – Door 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 (All levels)

Today we want to present the Levels 33 to 42 of the Android game “100 Doors”. These are very difficult so we hope that our solution will help you.

Solution: Level 33 to 42 of 100 Doors

At the right side you can see our solution for the levels 1 to 32. If you need help, so look at these solutions. If you cannot solve the levels, althought you read our solutions, then leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

100 Doors: Level 33 Solution

Hold / tilt the phone / tablet to the side: Nown the key slides from the right (this takes a bit). You can take the key from ground and open the door.

100 Doors: Level 34 Solution

Although the solution is a bit far-fetched, but it works: There is a math problem. The second number in the middle is subtracted twice from the third, and this is the first number so that means:

17 = 33-8*2
5 = 29-12*2
13 = x-10*2

Now enter the number “33” and touch on the red button. The door opens now.

100 Doors: Level 35 Solution

This is pretty complicated. Click on the green play button above. Now the song is played. You have to touch the right sheet music. The correct order we have the following screenshot (the numbers means the order you have to press the buttons):

100 Doors: Level 36 Solution

There was a similar level in 100 Doors. The letters stand for the initials of the number. So we have:

S = 6 (six) or 7 (seven) – just click one of them
E = 8 (eight)
E = 8 (eight)

O = 1 (one)
F = 4 (Four) or 5 (five) – just click one of them
T = 10 (ten)
E = 8 (eight)
N = 9 (nine)

A possible solution of level 36 is 6 8 8 1 4 10 8 9.

100 Doors: Level 37 Solution

Just click the animals you see in the picture below (donkey, monkey, elephant, cow and goat):

100 Doors: Level 38 Solution

The above figures have no meaning at level 38. The bars next to the buttons indicate how often you’ll have to click this. You start at the top left.

Here you always have to bring the Battery on that page, you have to click on the buttons (battery left for the three buttons on the left).

100 Doors: Level 39 Solution

You have to think only of the colors in the card game. Top left is red, underneath is white (there is nothing at the door) and lower left is red. Top right is also red, black including the following in the wheel and finally black again because of the mouse you can see. The following picture show you the solution of level 39:

100 Doors: Level 40 Solution

Level 40 is again fairly simple. Have a look about the door. It says the order. Now you need to click the matching squares.

You start at the left and ends on the right. The following screenshot show you the order (“Schritt” means step – Step, Step 2, Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5):

100 Doors: Level 41 Solution

This level is simple again. See the next screenshot and click on the timber:

100 Doors: Level 42 Solution

This level is very difficult. The weapons have to be clicked in the right order and that according to their power. The image show you the solution (you have to click at first at the weapon with number 1, then number 2 etc):

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