100 Doors Solution – Door 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 (All levels)

Recently 12 new levels added to 100 Doors, a app for Android. Now we have the solution for the new levels in 100 Doors. In this article we present the solution and walkthrough from level 21 to 33. 100 Doors is a puzzle game where you have to solve a lot of challenges to reach the next room.

100 Doors is available for free in Google Play Store. You can download it HERE.



100 Doors: Solution and walkthrough – Level 21 to 32

If you don’t understand how to solve a door, then ask your question in our comments.

100 Doors: Level Door 21 Solution

In Level 21 you have to touch the images in correct order. Each image stands for animal from the zodiac. That means you have to look into the zodiac and find the right order. Alternatively you can check out our screenshot, with the right order of numbers. Just touch them in this order and the door opens.

100 Doors: Level Door 22 Solution

To open the doors you have to use different tools in the right order. First cut the tree with the axe. Then use the welding torch and the welding mask to open the metal door. For the last door first use the people, then the axe, then the tree and last the vehicle (or whatever it is). If you’re still stuck look at our screenshot, it should be helpful.

100 Doors: Level Door 23 Solution

To solve this level you have to click at the pictures in the right order again. First click at the fish (lives in the water), second click at the boat (swim on the water), third Click at the human, fourth click at the bird, fifth click at the plane and last click at the moon. Now the door opens. If your still stuck our screenshot should be helpful.

100 Doors: Level Door 24 Solution

To open this door you have to built the cross sum as shown on our picture. So the first cross sum is 21 and the second is 13. If you don’t know what a cross sum is, don’t worry you won’t need it in this game again.

100 Doors: Level Door 25 Solution

Ok this is tricky. At the ground stands 15 +19. The 15 means 3 o’clock the 19 is 7 o’clock. So we have to add up 3 and 7 and not 15 and 19. Three plus seven is ten. Because there are two question marks we have to use the 10 two times. That means we have to set the clock at 10:10 and then use the switch left from the door. If it doesn’t work try to set the clock hands very precisely.

100 Doors: Level Door 26 Solution

To solve this level, you have to find the only correct spelled open. The trick is that they are all mirror inverted. You find the right “open” right above the door. Click on the marked open at the top of the door and it will open. If you don’t find it here is a screenshot.

100 Doors: Level Door 27 Solution

Close the eyes. But not your eyes, you have to close all eyes on the wall. Only if all eyes are closes you are able to take the key and open the door. If the eyes open up again you have to be fast and close them again.

100 Doors: Level Door 28 Solution

You have to click three times on the “Restart”-Button (the green arrow bottom). Now the door should open. If it doesn’t work it can be helpful to go back to the menu and select the level again. Then try it again with our solution.

100 Doors: Level Door 29 Solution

You have to ring the bell. The monster will be distracted and you can take the sword. Use the sword to fight the monster by clicking on it. If the monster is dead you will be able to pass the door.

100 Doors: Level Door 30 Solution

You are in Level 30 now. So the current door ist 30. The previous was 29 and the next is 31. Why I repeating this? Because that’s the solution of the level. Type in the code: “293031” and voila, the door opens.

100 Doors: Level Door 31 Solution

Shake your Smartphone or tablet and some objects fall to the ground. Use them to repair the crank at the right side of the screen. Now you can touch the crank to open the door

100 Doors: Level Door 32 Solution

This level is really tricky again. All numbers at the door have a meaning, every line stands for an order. For example the first line is “2 5 3” that means you have to click the symbol at the second column, fifth line three times. First line is “4 2 1”, so you have to click the symbol at fourth column, second line one time. Do that for all lines and the door will opens. It could be useful to enable the sound of your device because only the right symbols will make a sound by clicking on them. Also check out our screenshot to solve the level.

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