App of the Day: Kill Zombies Now

Because the whole zombie apocalypse scenario seems to be very popular at the moment our App of the Day is after Dead Trigger again a zombie shooter. Today we want to present you the new game from George Cl “Kill Zombies now”.



The setting is quite normal for a zombie game. An unknown virus infects the whole mankind and hungry zombies starts to rule all cities. You are the one of the few survivors in this devastated world, trying to kill the zombies and escape from the city.

The game has fine 2D graphics and average animations. To kill the zombies you have selection of different weapons like a knife, a pistol or a bazooka. The weapons have different characteristics like damage and range. Also the there are different types of zombies, that require different strategies. For example are the slow heavy zombies relatively immune against the pistol, so you have to let them come into your knife range. By killing zombies you get more money that you can spend for weapon upgrades. The upgraded weapons make more damage, which you will need for the next stronger waves.

There are different versions of the game available. At Android Devices there is just one game, but for iOS there is a HD-Version for the iPad and a non-HD version for the iPhone/iPod available.


Kill Zombies now for Android

Kill Zombies now(free)

Non-HD Version for iPhone:

[app 537959000]

HD-Version for iPad:

[app 537959833]

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