App of the Day: C:geo – The geo caching application

On May 3 2000 Dave Ulmer had a great idea. He wanted to test the accuracy of the GPS satellites. So he went into the forest and hid a large black bucket. After that he posted the GPS coordinates in a newsgroup with the name “Great American GPS Stash Hunt”. The rules he created were easy: ”Take some stuff, leave some stuff”. In this moment a new movement called Geocaching was born. Today there are geocaches in more than 100 countries at all 7 continents. You can find 1.5 million geocaches and over 5 million geocachers in the world.



A few years ago geocaching was a little bit complicated because you always needed expensive GPS-device. Nowadays the most smartphones having GPS build in, so everybody with a smartphone is able to do Geocaching.All you need for it is our App of the Day c:geo and an free account at the website Once you have an name and an password you can log in into the geocaching database and see all the locations off hidden caches in your surrounding.

The application needs an active data connection. The problem is, that many caches are located in areas where there’s no data connectivity. Therefore c:geo has an offline mode that allows you store maps and cache information on local storage.

There are caches available in all difficulties, so it is a nice thing for your kids, but also a exiting game for you and your friends. If you are new into a town or want to explore the sorrunding at your vacation location geocaches are perfect way to get to know these places. You always will find some places that you’d never find yourself.
The application c:geo is only available for Android.

c:geo for android


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