100 Cells Level 21 to 40 solution

Developer Touchportal Games has updatet their app. Now 100 Cells contains 35 level. We want to show you the solution of level 21 to 40 in this article.

100 Cells is just another room escape game for android. Here you have to solve diffrent puzzles and enigmas, you have to take off objects and you have to drag diffrent items.

Solution 100 Cells: Level 21 to 40

Here a overview about the solution of this article:

Now we have the solutions for level 21 to 40 of 100 Cells. if you do not know how to solve a level, just write a comment below.

100 Cells Level 21: Take a break should be clear: Put your device on table or anything else and do nothing for 25 Seconds. The door will open then.

100 Cells Level 22: You have to find the numbers in the text. THe solution is 18234. You will find this numbers in: Caution electric (one – 1), overweight (eight – 8), Two (2), three (3) and fourth (four – 4).

100 Cells Level 23 solution: In Level 23 of 100 Cells you have to know which numbers have 2 divisors: Prime Numbers. Now look at the white colored numbers – which of them are prime numbers? Around the red numbers, you have to sum up these! The solution is 103!

100 Cells Level 23 Solution

100 Cells Level 23 Solution

100 Cells Level 24 solution: Count all rectangles. There are 31!

100 Cells Level 25: Just click on the grate. The bar fill up green. Do this until the bar is complete green.

100 Cells Level 26: Click on the yellow ding in the book shelf. Now you see a tablet screen. On the left side is the 100 Cells icon. Click this and the grate opens.

100 Cells Level 27: Order the boxes from 1 (left) to 4 (right).

100 Cells Level 28: Order the boxes as the text wants to. Here is the solution:

100 Cells Level 29: Just Simon says – the easy one;)

100 Cells Level 30 solution: At the top you see white colored circles. This stands for the books (the order). The books represeents latin numbers. The solution is 4 2 3 52 (42352).

100 Cells Level 31: Take on all lights (just hold the finger pressed on the screen)

100 Cells Level 32 solution: You have to follow the path and notice the numbers on the shortest way. The code is 4934815. If you have an old version of 100 Cells, the code is 493415.

100 Cells Level 33 solution: This is binary code (0 and 1). You can write the candles as 0 (for off) and 1 (for on). So it is 001010110. The solution is 86. If you have an old version, the code is 87.

100 Cells Level 34: Just Simon says – the hard one 😉

100 Cells Level 35 solution: Go to the right and drag the plant to the top or right. Now take on the matches and activate these. Now light up all candles. Now you see at the top a screen. Just count the books, boxes and candles and type in the code. The code is 815811.

100 Cells Level 36 solution Just look at the books in the shelf and order the boxes.

100 Cells Level 37: The solution is 55.

100 Cells Level 38 solution: Move the two shelves to the side. You will find 6 numbers. The left and right side (if you sum the numbers up) should be the same number. So for example, you can switch the buttons left to 1, 2, 3 or switch ALL buttons to 3 or whatever.

100 Cells Level 39: Move the green flower pots in the left bottom side to the right. Now click on the carpet and you find the hole.

100 Cells Level 40 Just look at the standing books. Now click the color of the buttons like the books from left to right. Solution is Green, Yellow, Blue, Red,Red, Blue and Green.

The solution of the Level 41 to 50 you will find in next article.

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