Bridge Constructor Solution: Bridge 1 to 6 of Westlands – Video Walkthrough

bridge constructor

bridge constructor

In this video walkthrough we want to show you the solution of the bridge 1 to 6 of the Westlands in the game Bridge Constructor. This game contains 30 levels. Your target is to build a bridge that is strong enough to brave cars and trucks. But pay attention to your budget. The cheaper you build, the more points you get, but the cars and trucks have to pass the bridge without drop in the water.

If you don’t know Bridge Constructor you can download it in the Google Play Store or in the iTunes App Store:

[app 503190232]

Bridge Constructor Solution and Walkthrough: Bridge 1 to 6 – Westlands

In this walkthrough we present the solution of the bridge 1 to 6 in the Westlands. The videos were created by i3stars.

Solution of Bridge 1 – Westlands

Solution of Bridge 2 – Westlands

Solution of Bridge 3 – Westlands

Solution of Bridge 4 – Westlands

Solution of Bridge 5 – Westlands

Solution of Bridge 6 – Westlands

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