100 Zombies 2 Level 111 to 120 solution

Here you find the solution for Level 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120 of 100 Zombies 2 for Android and iOS. If you have question or a solution is not working, just write a comment. More information about 100 Zombies 2 you find here.

100 Zombies 2 Level 111 to 120 solution

  • Level 111: rotate puzzle pieces so, so the puzzle matches
  • Level 112: RGB stands for Red, Green, Blue, Count according to the frequency of colors in this level, and be at a solution. The solution is “9 22 16”.
  • Level 113: According to the color of the stars, the buttons need to be stained. From left to right, the solution is: blue, red, yellow, blue.
  • Level 114: There are ready various flags. Now the colors of each flag must be counted from top left to bottom right. The solution is so “3233”
  • Level 115: In the style of Angry Tiki has to carry the zombie head to the goal. Therefore one must wipe in the appropriate direction. And this is the solution: Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right
  • Level 116: To the solution must include the 45 degree angle. The solution is 4124th
  • Level 117: You have to mix two colors, so that the third Color to the door is formed. Green + Red is yellow and blue + red is pink.
  • Level 118: On the door is to find a card. Now you need to click on the button corresponding to that order. So we start at the green button at the bottom right, then bottom left of the green button, then the card, then the top middle button and then the button on the left above.
  • Level 119: All lamps should be at the same time. Therefore one must press the switches in the following order. Switch 1 immediately after 5 seconds switch 3 to switch 2 and 8 seconds after 10 seconds switch 4
  • Level 120: Zombie hands come out of the ground. You have to try to click on 20 hands in 45 seconds. Then this level is also done.
100 Zombies 2 Level 111 Solution

100 Zombies 2 Level 111 Solution


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