100 Zombies 2 Solution for Android and iOS

100 Zombies 2

100 Zombies 2

Here you find the 100 Zombies 2 Solution for Android and iOS. 100 Zombies 2 is a room escape app based on 100 Zombies. This app was a great success with more than 450,000 downloads. Now 40 new level are waiting to be solved.

The zombies are back! After 80 fantastic level, 100 Zombies 2 go on level 81 and has at the beginning 40 room escape levels. More levels are coming soon to this new room escape game. If you like 100 Zombies, you will like 100 Zombies 2. 100 Zombies has more than 450,000 downloads worldwide and now you get new levels, you asked for. Play the new room escape levels. So it is time to charge your brain!

100 Zombies 2 Solution for all Level

Here we have the solution for all level for 100 Zombies 2. If you do not  know how to solve a level of 100 Zombies 2, here you find the solution. At first our summary about our solutions for the android and iOS App 100 Zombies 2. The solution is valid for Android and iOS.

Do you like 100 Zombies 2? Are you not able to solve a level of 100 Zombies 2? Just write a comment and we try to help you.

Download 100 Zombies 2 for Android and iOS

In few days here we have the download links for 100 Zombies 2.

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